202DS Z20/22 - II 1/3D Atex certified industrial vacuum cleaner for internal zone 20 and external zone 22

Vacuuming potentially explosive dusts in zone 22 hazardous areas can create an even more perilous situation inside the industrial vacuum cleaner, where the extracted dust is moved and collected. Zone 20 certification of the interior of the vacuum chamber eliminates this risk.


  • Side channel blower motor , powerful and silent, totally maintenance free, suitable for continuous duty
  • Largest surface filter in its category
  • Integrated filter cleaning system
  • Extractable collection container with optional use of disposable bags
  • Vacuum gauge to detect filter clogging
  • Conceived for fine and hazardous dust suction
  • Additional HEPA filter (99,995% on 0,18 micron) included
  • Stainless steel AISI304 collection tank
  • Earth grounding
  • ATEX certified for Zone 20 inside the chamber and for Zone 22 outside the chamber


  • 202 DS ECO M-T Z20/Z22
IndexUnit202 DS ECO M-T Z20/Z22
Atex zones20 Ins – 22 Out
MarkingII 1/3D lllB T135°C X IP65 Da/Dc
VoltageV – Hz230/400 – 50
Electrical protectionIP65
Max waterliftmmH2O1800
Max air flowm³/h250
Suction inletmm50
Filter TypeCartridge
Surface – Diametercm²-mm30.000-360
Material – EfficiencyIEC 60335-2-69Polyester – ANT M
Cleaning systemDustop