INERT RANGE Industrial vacuum cleaners for combustible dust extraction

Equipped with an inert liquid bath system, this vacuum cleaner allows to extract safely explosive metal dust, such as aluminium, steel, inconal, lithium, tantalum or zirconium.


The bath is composed of inert oil, aimed to neutralize instantaneously the dusts being sucked.


Vacuum cleaners of the INERT range guarantee safe vacuuming of explosive dusts thanks to several stages of filtration:

- 3 levels of fiber filter for oil mists

PPL filter and a sieve grid filter the interted dusts easy disposal


The properties of the vacuumed material requires the industrial vacuum to be equipped with additional safety features such as:

Atex zone 22 certification (at least)

AISI304 stainless steel container

- complete grounding of the system

overpressure valve for explosion prevention


The inert fluid bath container is interchangeable with the standard bin for floor and machine cleaning task conversion. The inert fluid bath system is available also as independent separator for use with any Atex certified equipment.